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The lives of football WAGs – the business of being perfect

Victoria Beckham, Shakira, and the line up of wives and girlfriends  (WAGs) of football stars are what tabloids love to talk about.

But a life led by constant pressure from the intruding presence of the paparazzi and other media outlets is not easy according to the ex girlfriend of former England team manager Sven-Goran Erikkson American lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio.

According to the lawyer, that kind of living is in many cases quite not fair as it is sexist in the way they look at the football stars’ partners.

There is the pressure to be “perfect” as the camera’s lenses will shift on the WAGs the moment the media outlets have run out of other substantial football related topics to talk about.

The paparazzi feed the world with images of these wives and girlfriends, what they do everyday, who they hag out with, and everyone seems to just can’t get enough.

Dell’Olio said it was kind of intrusive because for almost a decade her life’s story, most especially her high-profile relationship with the football manager, was the breakfast news of people, cover to cover.

She said when you are next to an important personality; you also become absorbed to the playing th

One of the WAGs has confirmed the pressure to be perfect next to their football star partners is very high especially because they thrive on the fear of being traded in for a newer model when the temptation presents itself.

She said footballers today are celebrities who date supermodels and actresses and for most of them who don’t have careers in the public eye, the pressure is so big to live up to.

Nobody wants to be the WAG with the ugliest hair. The pressure to be thin, pretty, and the one with the nicest hair is so high because it’s what the public expects.

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