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Where Do Rejected Footballers End Up?

The first weeks of the new seasons is a defining moment for football players, especially the younger ones. Some of them may get drafted into one of the teams of the professional game. However, there are those who have more unfortunate fates and get rejected or released.

According to the professional Footballer’s Association, there are some 700 players released from their clubs. 50 percent from the 16 year olds never reach the professional games, while 75 percent of the 21 years old suffer the same.

Most of these young athletes have no other options but to get drafted in the professional games or be left with nothing.

Now, the question is, where do these rejected footballers end up after being rejected?

  1. There are some 130 former professional football players who are now in prison for drug offences. Most of them are under the age of 25.4 prison
  2. Gambling has cost former footballers their little fortune. After leaving the professional game, 40 percent of professional football players go bankrupt after a short period of five years.4gambling
  3. There are some former professional footballers who are wise enough to know that they need a plan B. These are the ones who ended up with a degree in law or chemical engineering.4 medical degree
  4. But there are those with strong hearts who managed to bounce back, tried harder, and finally ended up where they dream to be, like current QPR midfielder Joey Barton, Besiktas’ Demba Ba, BBC pundit Robbie Savage, and Leicester’s Kevin Phillips.4 stand back up

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