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Wizards-Bulls Game 1: Bulls pay for lack of firepower

The Bulls became the darlings of the league throughout the course of the season. Several columnists flocked to their story like it was very important. The scrappy, no-Hollywood, no-nonsense blue collar team survived the loss of its star in Derrick Roseto another injury and thrives with heart, hustle, and grit.

They just played the ball although they weren’t the NBA team full of superstar egos, commercials, and free agency drama or brand goals.

Unluckily, this cuddly narrative emphasized on a big element. They are unable to shoot. They were 30th in effective field goal percentage (which supports the benefit of 3s) this season. Their offense is mostly, “Run at the rim, throw the ball at the rim, get the offensive rebound, outwork the other guys and score.” This works great unless you hit the playoffs while the other team matches you or beat you for long stretches in energy.

Gear Problem for Chicago Earlier this Season

The Bulls created a lead using that strategy against the Wizards in Game 1. They were 15 points ahead on second-chance opportunities to the Wizards’ nine through three quarters. However, in the fourth, the Wizard took advantage of three offensive boards for four second-chance points to the Bulls’ two boards and two points. It doesn’t matter how many the Wizards grabbed and more about the many chances they denied the Bulls.

Being one game, there is no point to worry. The Bulls members are consistent, disciplined, and have the experience compared to Washington. If they want to even the series and regain control as the series continues, they have to make jumpshots. D.J. Augustin, Mike Dunleavy, and Kirk Hinrich, all made poor shots in Game 1.

If Joakim Noah can play better, the Bulls’ defense can improve their game. However, it won’t matter if there is no way to execute. As inspiring as narrative-hunters may find Chicago, you have to play defense and be able to beat it for you to survive in the playoffs. It seems there was no firepower in Chicago Game 1 to back up the engines.


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