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World Cup Tattoos & Meanings

The 2014 World Cup is filled with first times, upsets, and has the most goals scored. Noticeably, this year’s tournament also has more players with tattoos.

Here are the list of football superstars in this World Cup and the meanings behind:

Mauricio Pinilla, Chile

His commemorative tattoo is a reminder of his near miss during Chile’s match against Brazil, when his penalty shot was saved and he was just a centimetre from achieving glory.


Sergio Ramos, Spain

He has the World Cup and the Champions League Trophies tattooed in both his calves. Spain won the World Cup in 2010 while Real waited 12 years before they got the Champions League for the 10th time. For this year’s World Cup, they were clobbered by Netherlands 5-1 early in the tournament. Sometimes tattoos are ironic.


Nigel de Jong, Netherlands

Artist Ade Itameda drew the warrior tattoos inspired by Indonesian design on the midfielder. This tattoo shows that these players are the warriors and gladiators of the field.


Daniele de Rossi, Italy

His tattoo looks like a warning, with a triangular yellow hazard sign that has a man who looks as though he kicked off another mans foot just to take the ball.


Neymar, Brazil

His neck has a tattoo that says, “Tudo Passa,” which means “everything passes” or it could also mean “nothing lasts.” It seems like his chance for the championship passed him by when he got injured after their victory against Colombia and his team was crushed by Germany while he was recovering from the injury.


Raheem Sterling, England

He has a tattoo of a boy standing in front of London’s Wembley Stadium with a statement saying, “it’s a dream.”


Raul Meireles, Portugal

He has a montage tattooed all over his leg, which somehow tells an autobiography.


Tim Howard, USA

His body is riddled with tattoos; it would take another article to enumerate all his tattoos.


Lionel Messi, Argentina

He has his son’s name Thiago and baby hand prints tattooed on his calf.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

He has no tattoos because he donates blood. You can’t be a blood donor if you have tattoos or piercings because it may spread infections. It seems like you don’t need a tattoo to be cool or popular. What an inspiring thing to do.


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