Golf Courses Schedule for Opening after Long Winter

The spring outdoor sports will be kicking off after a lengthy harsh winter comes to an end.

It is rather certain that golf lovers had to stay out of the course for the better part of the season.

Majority of golf courses are scheduled to open this weekend after deploying radical measures to deal with snow and ice.

In reference to Joan Heber, manager of Airway Meadows Golf Club in Gansevoort, they had checked the greens last week which were covered by eight inches of snow on top of eight inches of ice. She added that they started snow blowing off a couple of holes and that they will now have nine ice rinks on the front nine once they are through.

Heber expects top open the course on April 11, days later compared to the March 30 opening last year and on March 16 in 2012. Delay in the opening means financial impact on some local courses, although Heber is optimistic that the effects on her course will be insignificant.

Saying that compared to 2012 it might be a lot but not like 2013, Heber added that it was disappointing to be starting late.

“It’s all part of the business,” she said.

Heber was very optimistic that the longer-than-usual wait might spark fervor for most players to play more than they usually do.

She noted that golf is a very interesting sport that people start playing and then becomes hooked, such that they want to continue playing every time.

The opening of the Airway Meadow’s will be an indication that local golf courses are recovering from winter although there will still be some limitations.

Heber pointed that they will only open the front nine (holes) to Walkers since the ground will be very damp. She said that has been the trend each year.

“But, the ninth green looks great,” she said.

According to Jamie Armstrong, Kingswood Golf Club located in Hudson Falls expects to be opening this weekend if not early next week. Cronin’s Golf Resort in Warrensburg is among other courses aiming to open soon and possibly will launch on April 15.

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