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Incredible Sports Photos

Sports have moments that can give photographers the best images. From action packed efforts for the winning shot to scary accidents, sports is a wonderful event for taking pictures.Picture 10

Here are some of the most amazing sports photographs:

  1. In July 20, Formula One driver Felipe Massa crashed in the opening lap of the prestigious German Grand Prix held in Hocklenhelm, Germany. The shot was very dramatic as debris sparked while the car skidded upside down. The driver was fine, but the car definitely was not.140721161700-01-what-a-shot-0722-restricted-horizontal-large-gallery
  2. In July 19, a photographer snapped during the perfect moment as Zou Shiming landed a punch on Luis De La Rosa’s face in the WBO International flyweight title. Zou won the fight by unanimous decision.201407230148065225007-p5.jpg
  3. You don’t expect professionals to commit simple mistakes, but in this picture Australian cricket player lose his grip as the bat slips from his hands in the quadrangular One Day Series match facing India on July 20.Australia A v India A
  4. This picture shows a beautiful moment of Rory Mcllroy’s silhouette as he waits on the sixth green during the British open’s second round at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in July 18. Mcllroy won the entire tournament by just two strokes. He is one of the third golfers who won three major before the age of 26. The other two golfers with this achievement are Jack Nicklaus and of course, Tiger Woods.Picture 1
  5. In this picture, the photographer captured a wonderful moment of golf spectators trying to reach the ball as Mcllroy threw it to them after winning in July 20.Picture 2
  6. The eyes are the windows to the soul. In this picture Sebastian Vettel waits in his car for his practice during the German Grand Prix in July 19. He is the leading Formula One driver for several years. He won the last four titles of the prestigious sports event.Picture 3

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