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No One Wants To Watch These 4 Major American Sports Teams

For sports event organizers the greatest embarrassment is to host an event and have just a handful of people showing up or no one showing up at all.

For example, during the home opener of the Florida Panthers’ 2014 NHL season, only 7,311 people showed up to watch.

Here we have picked teams that make up the lowest attendance records across the major sports in the U.S. The attendance data was gathered from ESPN and averages taken from each team’s home games.

4. Tampa Bay Rays (18,645 average attendance)

Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays have an unfriendly indoor stadium. They sat almost 1,000 heads short of coming in second to last in 2013.

3. Arizona Coyotes (13,377 average attendance)

Arizona Coyotes

This team is not very good and they don’t play in an arena that is equally not good. Not many people watch their matches.

2. Oakland Raiders (50,444 average attendance)


Many have been over the Riders’ stadium woes before and it seems the light doesn’t get any brighter in the future. The team will be the San Antonio Raiders, the Los Angeles Raiders 2.0 or the London Raiders, but even if it is a news stadium they will most likely have new digs before they can manage a winning season.

1. Milwaukee Bucks (13,486 average attendance)

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks haven’t been exciting and they were in consideration to move to Seattle. They hold NBA record for fastest championship but ever since then, they have just remained boring.

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