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Obama congratulates First gay NFL player

Michael Sam is the first openly gay player to be drafted in the National Football League, which is praised by President Barack Obama.

In a statement from the White House last Saturday, the president said LGBT America proves that people should not be judged by what they are, but by what they do.

Besides congratulating Sam, Obama also praised the team that took in the LGBT football player St. Louis Rams as well as the National Football League.

Sam played for the University of Missouri as an All-American defensive end. Out of 256 players, he was the 249th player picked by the Rams. That draft was very historical. That’s because he is the first openly gay included in the league.

In a video shot by ESPN, the 24-year-old player cried and gave his boyfriend a kiss when Rams’ coach Jeff Fisher welcomed him to the team through a phone call.

Sam also posted a picture of him on Twitter thanking St. Louis Rams and all the people of the city of St. Louis. He also said that he will use every ounce of this opportunity to achieve greatness.

Besides playing for the University of Missouri, Sam was also recognized as the co-defensive player of the year during the Southeastern Conference, which is considered as the best league in college football. The 6-foot-2 football player is named as Tiger’s most valuable player.

The 260-pound player qualifications to be drafted were based on his amazing credentials. During the three-day selection, there were doubts of him getting drafted. But Fisher said they wouldn’t let someone as outstanding as Sam go.

He came out of the closet in February telling the public he is openly gay through an interview with The New York Times and ESPN. He was surprised his teammates from the University of Missouri didn’t judge him and that a lot of media people already know his gender orientation.

How NFL will react to his gender orientation will define the league’s acceptance to LGBT in the game.

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