• Martin Johnson


    Rugby: Martin Johnson expresses World Cup regrets

    Martin Johnson, a Mastercard ambassador for the 2015 World Cup and former England manager, reflects on his reign with a mixture of regret and defiance. The bitter memories of the 2011 World Cup-fallout still linger when he conducts his... Read More

  • Cockerill


    Richard Cockerill says Leicester Tigers must ‘show backbone’ after several injuries

    According to Richard Cockerill, the Leicester director of rugby, the resolve of his team will be tested by the growing injuries of its members. Among the injured include winger, Niall Morris, Geoff Parling and England hooker Tom Youngs, Niall... Read More

  • Compelling Teens To Engage In Rugby


    Compelling Teens To Engage In Rugby

    A resolution to make it a must for schoolboy players to participate in at least half a game each week is an effort to stop half of teenage rugby players from quitting the sport. All juniors below the age... Read More

  • Rugby

    Rugby On the National Scene

    Men’s and women’s rugby teams went 2-1 during the weekend competition at Wayne State in Wayne, Neb, becoming the biggest rugby competition in the country. Over 80 teams from the U.S. and Canada took part. During the last years... Read More

  • Rebels


    Rebels Lost Exciting Fullback Against Crusaders

    The Melbourne Rebels dropped to their 2nd successive loss as the Crusaders flexed their Super Rugby muscle with a 25-19 win at AAMI Park on Friday night. The Rebels were optimistic of rebounding from a big loss to the... Read More

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