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Spotlight shines at 11-year-old at US Open

The thing that makes the US Open really great is how unknowns take a shot at the title, even without the plan to actually win. The “open” set-up of the championship lets almost anyone get a chance to play. This year, the main qualifier, who is gaining much attention, is the 11-year-old girl, Lucy Li.

After winning the sectional qualifying back in California, Li got a chance to play at the US Women’s Open. She became an instant superstar this week as she played at Pinehurst.

She had an 8 – Over 78 at her opening game Thursday. This is an amazing score for an 11-year-old who is playing at a major golf championship. There were only three men in the US Open who were able to break par just a week ago.

The little girl is now tied with Jessica Korda and Natalie Gulbis in the US Women’s Open.

For the entire week she was playing, Li emphasised how much “fun” she is having in the US Open. Having fun is quite an uncommon word among players trying to win the title in one of the most difficult golf tournaments in America. But that fun she is having is the reason why she is gaining much attention from the golf fans. It is clear to see that she is enjoying herself while playing in the tournament what will all the colorful outfits she’s wearing. Though she is playing the game like how an 11-year-old should, she is actually doing an impressive work.

Lucy Li should play a game with Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore just to see how much fun golf can actually bring.

Speaking of fun, Li was holding a Popsicle and stood on a box just to reach the podium’s microphone while speaking during a press conference. It’s something that can only happen in movies.

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