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Top 5 Lesser Known NBA Players That Deserves Attention

With the NBA Season fast approaching, there have been lists of the best players surfacing from ESPN and Sports Illustrated. The top of the list are Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. Meanwhile, there are lesser known players who don’t always get the attention of the media, who are also as good.

Here are the 5 best players who weren’t ranked well that you should watch out for:

5. John Wall. He led the Wizards out of the ashes, but he ranked at a far number thirty-one spot in the Sports Illustrated list.  2 5

4. Shayne Wittington. It seems like ESPN has no respect for this undrafted center from Western Michigan ranking the lowest in the sports channel’s top 500 list.2 4

3. Michael Beasley. It seems wrong to think that there are 340 players better that the 25-year-old, Super Cool Beas. He ranks 341 in ESPN’s list.2 3

2. Lance Stephenson. It is his first season playing for a new team, and Sports Illustrated ranked him number 73 in their list.2 2

1. Larry Sanders. He had bad media written all over him with the suspension for drugs, the bar fight, fight with the team mates, and the lawsuits between his agents. But he probably will have a better season this year. He is at number 78 in Sports illustrated.2 1

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