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Top Men of the 2014 NHL Draft

What hot blooded woman wouldn’t love those hunky hockey players? This year, there are several hot draft picks for the National Hockey League. Who are the hottest draft picks for this year’s NHL?

Here they are, according to division:

Pacific Division

  • Sam Bennett is Calgary Flames’ overall 4th pick. He is cute, talented and he is just 18 years old. That is all the ladies have to know.
  • Leon Draisaitl is Edmonton Oilers’ overall 3rd pick. That muscular chin, coiffed hair, and gazing eyes complement his talent on the ice.
  • Roland McKeown is Los Angeles Kings’ overall 50th pick. Ladies melt when this hunk stares at them.

Central Division

  • Nick Schmaltz is Chicago Blakhawks’ overall 20th pick. His eyebrows are almost as important as scoring a goal.
  • Alexander Peters is Dallas Stars’ 75th pick. He can easily leave his lady fans bursting with emotions.
  • Alex Tuch is Minnesota Wild’s overall 18th pick. Has a divinely defined jaw line.
  • Chase De Leo is Winnipeg Jets’ overall 99th pick. Perfect hair, pearly white teeth, and bronze skin, what else can a lady ask for?

Atlantic Division

  • Anthony DeAngelo is Tampa Bay Lightning’s overall 19th pick. The ladies can easily notice that adorable butt underneath those pants.

Metropolitan Division

  • Blake Siebenaler is Columbus Blue Jackets’ overall 77th pick. He has a beautiful smile.
  • Connor Chatham is New Jersey Devils’ overall 71st pick. He has that hot serious flow.
  • Michael Dal Colle is New York Islanders’ overall 5th pick. He should get his face insured in case riots occur.
  • Daniel Walcott is New York Rangers’ overall 140th pick. That flawless skin fits in the Rangers sweater quite perfectly.
  • Nicolas Aube-Kubel is Philadelphia Flyers overall 48th pick. With the proper lighting, you can see an angel.
  • Shane Gersich is Washington Capitals’ overall 134th pick. Almond eyes and a perfectly toned body is goal enough for the ladies.

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