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10 Breathtaking Slow Motion Videos From the iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have larger screen sizes. But besides that, Apple has also upgraded the video recording capabilities for the new iPhone models. It has cinematic video stabilization, it can take still photos while you record videos, it has continuous autofocus, and it has slow motion video capabilities that can go 240 frames-per-second, slower than iPhone 5S’s 120 fps.

Here is the top ten slow motion videos shared by its users online:

    1. San Francisco in September looks even cooler in slow motion.

    1. Skateboarder Ty Moss shows off his tricks using iPhone’s slow motion capabilities.

    1. A dog catching a tennis ball is an ordinary activity, but with slow motion, it looks so cool.

    1. Doing the back flip is difficult. This cheerleader shows us that it looks even harder in slow motion.

    1. Jaspas Deck shows off his cardistry skills using iPhone’s slow motion capabilities.

    1. Slow motion pedestrian looks like a sci-fi movie.

    1. The Siberian Husky’s long dangling tongue looks cool in slow motion.

    1. See the details of the flame in this fire dance.

    1. Now you know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

    1. Watch the composition of bubble gas, eggs, water, and balloons in this slow motion montage.

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