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5 Advantages Of Android Phones Over iPhones

If you are planning to buy a new phone better take you time to compare the available handsets before you settle on one. Making a choice depends on individual’s taste, but it is good to make a choice from an informed standpoint.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that make Android phones better that iPhones.

Bigger batteries can be added to most Android phones while the iPhone’s back isn’t removable

Phones like LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy come with removable back. This is helpful since you can replace your battery if you find that it drains so fast. On the other hand, the iPhone relies on one rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can only be replaced by Apple technicians.

You can add a bigger battery

On some Android phones, you can open multiple apps at once which is not possible with iPhones

Android manufactures usually layer their software over the plain version of Android. Users are therefore able to open more than one app at a time. With LG phones, you can even move the apps around in separate windows, resize them and change their transparency.

you can open multiple apps 2

Android phones can be charged with any microUSB cable unlike iPhones

With Android phones, you don’t need the specific cable from a particular manufacturer to charge the phone. iPhones or iPads need the company’s proprietary charger called Lighting.

You can charge your Android phone with any micro USB cable 3

Some Android phones have a micro HDMI connection which is absent on iPhone

HDMI ports are very important if you want to plug your smartphone directly into your TV. iPhone only has headphone jack and Lighting dock connector.

micro HDMI connection

You can add more storage to Android phones with a micro SD card which is not possible with iPhone

Several Android devices come with microSD card s or SD card slot that you can use to expand their storage. Meaning you can buy a cheap Android phone with low storage capacity then add the storage later if you like. With iPhone, you will be restricted to the storage on the device.

You can add more storage to Android

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