5 Emerging Technology Which Will Change The World In 2018

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Every day, new technologies emerge which are making our work much easier. Life is so different to how it was two decades ago. Internet became something that we cannot separate ourselves from. Information technology becomes so advanced that Google allows us to search for virtually anything, except where you lost your keys.

Everyone has a camera at their disposal, capturing pictures in high-quality mode, and edits it without the need of a computer. What was only meant for texting and calling is today’s means of making money, finding entertainment and even allows us to do video calls across the world. Smartphones are no more a tertiary need.

Today, people are using virtual currencies that are regulated by no one and can bring thousands of dollars’ worth of profit or loss overnight. This brings new advanced technology from people across the world and it simply blows us away to how different life was in 2017, just less than two months ago.

And now, let’s welcome 7 new trends in technology that will change the world in 2018.


internet of things

This has been the talk for a couple of years, but we are very impressed – or maybe bewildered – by the fact of how fast this is spreading. There are few things in this world, at least in the USA, that is not connected to the Internet.

To those of you who don’t understand what Internet of Things (we will call it IoT) is here’s the simple explanation. Any household items in your house that are connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi is interrelated with each other. The Internet is limitless; whatever goes online is connected to each other. So, your coffee machine is somehow, through the seamless Internet, connected to the online speaker 10,000 miles away from you.

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? It sounds scary and weird at the same time.

Actually, no. By now, you are already using the Internet of Things in your daily life. Syncing your calendar to your email is one thing. Future technology will upgrade this into syncing schedules to let your robot vacuum cleaner cleans itself when you’re out on a holiday. Or your car will drive you to your destination without the need to input anything on the GPS because it’s already synced to your online calendar.

Imagine your personal synchronization will then be connected to other online devices; the traffic lights being able to know how many cars will flow today, the coffee machine finished making coffee 3 seconds before you walk in, so on and so forth.

All these are possible through one single thing: exposing your personal life to the Internet. Yes, that sounds like a threat to privacy issues. You will have to disclose your work schedule, when you’re not home for more than a couple of days, and even your menstruation period.

But this a new technology that scientists and IT experts around the world are constantly working on and humans are still unable to walk away from it. Try desyncing your calendar from your Gmail as a starter.


artificial intelligence

What rings a bell when artificial intelligence is mentioned? Bots on the game? The computer that beat Grandmaster in chess?

Well, things are going to change for real. If you imagine AI as a set of coding that only performs what it understands, new technology 2018 is going to make these things learn. That’s right. The main thing that separates us from these bunch of numbers and symbols are the ability to learn from our experience and change.

Our brain is very unique and that is an understatement. We perceive the same word, color, person, dramas, movies, in different ways. We are even creating new opinions and look as we read this article. That’s the reason that we have the word controversial. But that was never the case with AIs.

They do what they are designed for and they do not see controversial or dilemma in things. It’s always one way over the other. The new advanced technology 2018 is developing AI that resounds humans. Let’s look at one example how AI can majorly change our lives.

In translating, Google Translate is okay. At least when they translate between worldwide used languages such as Chinese, English, and probably Japanese or Russians. But, when it comes to complicated sentences, it screws up. How many times have you felt like it going haywire when you try translating a sentence longer than 10 words?

The new AI system will, however, overcome this by constantly learning, listening, and making corrections to itself. How do eating and consuming differ? What is the meaning of these proverbs? Is that the latest slang? Am I swag? Imagine having a swag AI with as you travel around the world, learning 10 languages at once.


reversing paralysis

Being crippled and paralyzed is one of the scariest life experience. It changes the lives of many people around the patient. It’s only a matter of time that mental breakdown and depression follow the sufferer. While we see a number of people rising up from this big life hurdle, we know that not everybody is as strong.

But, future technology may change the lives of thousands, and possible, millions across the world who have paralysis in parts of their bodies. New technology has allowed a monkey with one of his leg paralyzed, run on a treadmill.

This marks new advanced technology in 2018 for patients with spinal cord injuries. Grégoire Courtine used two electronic devices connected wirelessly to allow the brain system bypass nerve damages and allow signals to be sent to and forth the brain and spinal cord. More than $100 million has been invested, allowing the development of wires made of gold that stretches.

As of now, more than 250,000 deaf cases have been solved. We are waiting for the time that nerve injuries will not cause permanent damage to humankind anymore. This latest technology in medical science may, in fact, open the eyes of the blind ones and allow deaf people to hear again, and the crippled ones to jump like deer, and the speechless ones to shout.



People used to trade for things. Money was created for easier paying system. Then, banks came up with credit cards for safer and easier mean to pay your daily expenses. Now, we have Bitcoin and scanning barcodes for our payment system.

But all these methods of payment have one risk: if you lose the item, there’s a risk it’ll be misused by others. Banks, government, and IT developers are trying to overcome this obstacle, but none is perfect enough to completely prevent it.

But imagine if you have your face as the payment method. Not just anybody (except your twin sibling) can use your money. And it’s not like anyone can steal your look.

Samsung has been selling their new Galaxy series with face recognition feature. We can unlock our phones with just our face. China is the first company to use facial recognition as a payment method. Their whole building is filled with this very technology, allowing the tracking of movements of everyone inside.

“I can use the user’s photo to do this then.” Well, good luck trying that because the newest one is a cool new technology that knows if you’re not a human. Meaning, you have to move, make sounds, and confirm that you are indeed the person with that face and that sound.
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self driving trucks

Trucks that drive themselves? Sounds similar to automated cars. But, hold on guys, trucks are actually at a whole different level.

How many accidents have you read that took place on highways and kills more than one that is related to a truck? These drivers have to work relentlessly at night, staying awake and focusing on the street. But even the best drivers will eventually be faced with a situation where an accident cannot be avoided. It’s, by then, about reducing casualties, staying calm, and making quick decisions to ensure that the truck won’t flip or kill anyone.

The new automation requires the system to be able to recognize the weight, maintain speed, ensure fuel efficiency and help drivers make a better decision in literal life and death situations. A couple of them have been allowed on the street with drivers observing from the back seat. They are still in the middle of development to perfect the system.

While it is still a long stretch until self-driving trucks overhaul drivers, this new advanced technology is arriving soon.

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big data

What is big data?

Everything that is connected to the Internet creates data whenever you do something. IoT marks the new era of where everything connects to each other and creates data that way. The moment you click on an ad, a data is created. Whenever you post tweets, data is created. They record the number of words, how many retweets and likes you get, and also the time when it’s done.

This later will be analyzed by those who need it to further develop their system. However, big data’s biggest weakness is that it is unnecessarily big. Not all data is useful and they take up huge spaces. They also don’t exactly explain something of the current condition. What do 300,000 20 letters tweets mean in a range of 5 minutes?
Big data technology today is among many new technology scientists are paying attention to. How to humanize these data, so that people can understand what the numbers mean? The job now is to develop data that tells you, “This person loves to drink espresso every morning.” Or “That woman is a huge fan of Marvel and is always active on Twitter after 5 pm.”.

This new information technology will also affect AIs around the world. Learning becomes easier when these AIs are not shoved with junks, but high-quality information.

The future big data will help non-data scientists to understand and act based on humanized data. This quality-oriented data scrapping allows more efficient and effective use of technology in making decisions for business owners and governors and affecting the lives of many.

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3d printing

Ah, I can vaguely remember the first time I saw commercially sold 3D printers and 3D printing class advertisement. As soon as I saw it, I could see how far this can go: if everything can be “printed”, is that possible?

The concept is simple: you create the 3D file of the object that you want to print in CAD. And then you insert the materials that you want to print. Here, there are various printers that can be used with different materials. It’s usually a semi-liquid, liquids or powders that solidify when exposed to lasers. The materials are squeezed out of the nozzles and it’ll begin to print the shape in layers. On other printing machines, lasers are shoot at the materials and create shapes.

The one I saw was made out of plastic and uses one of the cheapest 3D printer invented then. Today, 3D printers are as precise as 16 μm (1,600 DPI). People are making all sorts of things with this technology, from figurines, miniatures, lego parts, missiles, bones, and tablets.

3D printing drugs, for example, allows more personalized drugs and medicines in various shapes. This is good news for kids to encourage them to drink their medicine. The latest technology trends were talking about selling commercial 3D printing to allow consumers print their own prescribed medicines. This allows customized medicines for each individual.

Still, within the medical field, 3D printing is also used to create body parts. When transplantation patients have to wait days, months, and sometimes years to find a donor, 3D printing is making the wait list short. Imagine printing a kidney in hours and having it working inside your very body working like every other kidney does.

Soon enough, we’ll see all these new technologies and digital trends 2018 change our way of living drastically. Imagine when the self-driving truck is integrated with the Internet system to calculate traffic jam and help inform drivers in close proximity to danger when a collision happens. Imagine a child born with nor arms receiving body parts printed and is then connected to the technology that was invented by Grégoire Courtine. 2018 is a big checkpoint for all of us.

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