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5 Expectations for Apple Smartwatch

Finally, the long-awaited Apple smartwatch may be in your hands, or on your wrist, in a few months.

According to reports, the giant tech company will release this October its iWatch, if that’s what they will call it. It will come in different sizes and it has 10 sensors for various tasks. But what do people really expect from the new smartwatch?

Here are the top five most anticipated things from Apple’s smartwatch:

  1. Actually “smart.” Most smartwatches need to link to a smartphone via Bluetooth to perform its tasks, which means they are not that smart at all. People expect Apple to develop a real smart smartwatch that does not require having your smartphone around.
  2. Can be charged wirelessly. In a household where almost everyone has their own mobile devices, people would be scrambling for a socket to charge. With one more device, the smartwatch, there would be barely any room for charging. Hopefully, Apple will develop a smartwatch that uses wireless charging.
  3. Longer Battery Life. One of the major problems of any mobile device is its short battery life. No matter how powerful the apps specs are and how wonderful the apps are, as long as the battery life is short, people will be complaining. Perhaps the new smartwatch will have longer battery life.
  4. Connect to various devices. Yes, the smartwatch would definitely link up to your Apple gadgets, but it would be better if it can link up to your TV and other daily technologies. That will make you look like an X-men with the uncanny ability to control technology just by touching your wrist device.
  5. Affordability. Despite having a lot of futuristic features, people would still flock the market if the new smartwatch would be affordable. Not cheap, but affordable.

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