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6 Amazing animal prosthetics

Animals, just like human beings can be involved in accidents that may result in deformities. Deformities can also result from diseases of birth defects. Luckily enough, they have not been left to suffer as a result these deformities.

Technologists have come up with awe-inspiring prosthetics to help these deformed animals lead normal lives. Some of these are discussed here:

Schidi the German tortoise
No 1

Chidi was found wounded by its current owners with maggots feasting on its front leg. It was taken to a turtle hospital for a surgery and a single wheel device was successfully fitted to replace its front leg.

Oscar the cat
No 2

Oscar lost both its hind legs when curiosity led it to explore a combine harvester. Instead of creating a pair of wheels for Oscar, it was given Pistorious-like blades to replace its legs. The new pair is drilled into its back leg bones to serve as its legs.

Winter the Dolphin
No 3

Winter lost its tails leaving it helpless as it could no longer survive in its natural environment. Its tail became irreparably entangled in a crab trap line in 2005. It got artificial tail fitted and it now leads a normal life. You can visit her at Clearwater, F1.

Beauty the Bald Eagle
No 4

Bald eagles are an endangered species in the US. So when one is injured, the best and brightest scientists are put to task to help as it happened in the case of Beauty.

Allison the Turtle
No 5

This turtle lost three of its flippers to a shark. Being rudderless is one of the worst experiences for a turtle because they need all the fins to balance. Her guardians created a black suit that helps her in balancing.

Cassidy the Three-Legged Dog
No 6

Cassidy was a homeless three-legged dog that gained the sympathy of a couple who decided to help it get a new prosthetic leg to help it lead a normal life. North Carolina State University took the challenge and gave Cassidy the full ability to walk.

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