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7 Futuristic UI Design Interfaces

At the 27th Software and Technology Symposium in Honolulu, many researchers exhibited a glimpse into the future of UI design. These are some of the most interesting of them:

Light Ring

This has been designed by Ken Hinckley and Wolf Kienzle from Microsoft Research. It uses infrared to detect finger motion.

Room Alive

This is Microsoft Research’s follow up to IllumiRoom. It uses multiple depth cameras and spatially mapped projectors to overlay an interactive screen.

Skin Buttons

Skin Buttons has been designed by a team from Carnegie Mellon University. It uses miniature projectors to display interactive icons on the skin around the watch face.


FlexSense is just a transparent sheet of plastic with embedded piezoelectric sensors to detect exactly what shape it’s in. it allows for all kinds of paper-like interactions.


This is a dual-sided display with adjustable transparency designed for efficient collaboration of spatially close or facing co-workers. You can use it to stare deeply into your desk-mate’s eyes.


Teegi: Tangible EEG Interface (UIST 2014) from Potioc on Vimeo.

Teegi is an acronym for ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) Interface. It is an educational tool that lets the user see brain activity in the normal way.


HaptoMime has been designed by a team from the University Of Tokyo, Japan. It uses ultrasound to create a tactile feedback in midair enabling the users to feel like they are touching a hovering image when there is nothing at all.

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