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Adobe brings EchoSign e-signatures to Workday

Adobe is bringing EchoSign e-signatures to Workday. What this means is that Workday will now incorporate Adobe EchoSign’s e-signature capabilities into its flagship human capital management cloud system.

EchoSign’s e-signature

This is aimed at equipping workers with digital tools that facilitates and improves onboarding and hiring processes that require approvals. Adobe acquired EchoSign in 2011 for an undisclosed sum.


Earlier, e-signature product had received a boost when it integrated with They were configured so that the new EchoSign for Salesforce apps now enable users to work completely natively from within the Salesforce’s user interface.

The means sales representatives need not waste time learning a new application or environment while tracking down electronic signatures.

The senior vice president of Adobe’s Global People and Places unit, Donna Morris explained in a blog post how important digital signatures can be within competitive employment environments and recruiting top talent.


He states that in the U.S alone, unemployment has been falling for more than four years, and while he hopes the trend will continue, it creates increased competition for talent.

Research indicates that top 10 percent of active candidates are off the market within 10 days. Furthermore, slow hiring decisions by prospective employers can cost them as much as 25% more for someone with similar skills.


To secure the talent needed to drive the business forward, it is therefore a necessity that the team responsible for leading the talent acquisition process is leveraging every available advantage. The EchoSign for Workday will roll out during the second half of next year.

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