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Adobe Partners With Microsoft To Focus On Tablets


Adobe has partnered with Microsoft in a deal that is expected to focus mainly on tablets. This was revealed at the Adobe’s Max conference in Los Angeles on Monday.

They hope that this alliance will help both companies move beyond PCs.


iPads, iPhones and Macs are usually the computers of choice for the creative choice that Adobe Systems caters to. However, it has announced its partnership with Microsoft with the aim of bringing some attention to Surface Pro tablet laptop and Windows operating system hybrids.


At the Max conference, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella and his Adobe’s counterpart Shantanu Narayen took to the stage to announce the deal.

Nadella also announced a big incentive to lure the thousands in attendance into the Microsoft fold.


“I’d like to give each one of you a Surface Pro 3 to take with you to get started,” he said, throwing a year’s subscription to the Office Pro 365 software into the mix.
Those in attendance greeted this gesture with a standing ovation. The Surface Pro 3 sells at $800 and there is an additional $129 for its detachable keyboard.

Both Adobe and Microsoft have businesses that are tightly linked with the old era of PCs and this partnership really makes sense since the two companies are struggling to adapt to new computing realities. Both are trying to expand to the new era of smartphones and tablet too.


There is more expected in this partnership as the two companies work to integrate the Creative Cloud subscription for software and online services with Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription.

“There’s a lot going on in the cloud between the two of us. This is the beginning of a journey that can be really exciting for the two companies and for the creative community,” Nadella said

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