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Android Wear Could Possibly Come To The iPhone

Before it was announced earlier this month, the Apple Watch was more of a competitive threat to the smartwatch developers.

Then, not much detail about it was known as is the case now. And that brings both good and bad news for its competitors.

The bad news is that the exquisite design of its hardware, software and interface looks keen to outshine other wearable competitions.

There is as strong commitment by Apple in this category with the largest assortment of models and accessories in its history of entering new categories.

And the good news to them is that the Apple Watch is very pricey. At $349 the Apple Watch is more expensive than most existing offerings. For example, Google’s smartphone platform includes many watches with some priced at $100 below the Apple Watch.

In terms of design, the Moto 360 is a very worthy competitor to the Apple Watch.

Even in terms of battery life, the Moto 360 can knock a full day just like Apple Watch. Another issue is that Apple Watch works only with an iPhone and requires an iPhone to work. Furthermore, we are likely to see more Android Wear devices launched or announced at CES in January, 2015 even before the Apple Watch is in the hands of consumers.

While releasing Android Wear, Google left open the question of whether the device category would work with iPhones. A fair amount of demand is definitely going to be there with the strong design and lower prices.

Apple will strive to do everything that can make its watch the premier choice for iOS users. For example, the Apple Pay mobile payment system will tie together the company’s wristwear and phones.

Still, Apple has to balance being a broad-based platform and tight integration.

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