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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2015

Depending on your level of knowledge about technology, you might know more or less when it comes to the giant company that is Apple. It’s a company that transformed the technology world in many ways and that still today attempts to innovate in the most unexpected ways. Various products have come around and presentations, buzz and line-ups in front of stores were all part of the story to lead us where Apple is today. If you’ve been looking for a summary about Apple Inc., you’ve come to the right place.

Apple’s history started in 1976 with its founding by Steve Jobs and Steve Woziak. Apple’s first focus was personal computers and they first reached success at that with the release of the Macintosh in 1984. At the end of the 90s, the iMac then came around to solidify Apple’s position on that market. Apple then become a more popular brand that would serve people at home, at work and in schools as well. Not all of Apple’s first products were successful, but they most often paved the way for better modern versions that became must-haves in the future, such as the iPad we know today. Through great packaging and well-thought environments for the user, Apple managed to reach success in the mobile, MP3 players and tablets markets starting from the 2000s. The iPod notably became an iconic item after its first release in 2001. The name “iPod” is now often used to describe any MP3 player simply because of its popularity.

Apple’s logo has always been an important trademark for the company, and while it was at first used with multiple colors in it, it’s still looking very good in its simpler version today. The idea came to Jobs when he visited an apple farm. Of course, advertisement then always played a role in Apple’s success throughout the years, With important campaigns such as the one in 1984 set in a dystopian future that was ahead of its time. Apple then stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to ads such as with the use of catchy songs and lively commercials for its iPod line in recent years.

Brand loyalty then played an important role in gaining and retaining customers, and Apple has always rewarded users who were using multiple devices of the company together. In between the personal computers and the music players, synchronization has always been easy and efficient, and then the introduction of the Apple Store and iTunes Store ended up making a difference in how people enjoy Apple’s products. Apple has then been able to deliver official and premium content on its own basis and while the environment might be hard to reach for independent creators, the stores generally offers quality content that users can trust when it comes to apps and music.

Apple’s headquarters are located in Cupertino, California and is the main spot where all the innovation unfolds. Over 12 000 employees work there and the location expands and improves constantly when it comes to installations, design and green spaces. Then, the Apple Stores come in to provide a location for the old and new customers to discover the latest creations by Apple. The stores are generally trendy and lively, and most often used glass as a material to make things transparent and attractive. Customers can then return and obtain service in-person, instead of online. The Apple Stores are where the bigger lineups usually happen when the company launches a new product. On the manufacturing end, Apple Inc. is generally able to produce a lot for these launches to happen, and an important part of their activities are happening abroad. And finally, when it comes to Apple Inc. is also the all-so-important stock value of the company, as it is listed on NASDAQ as AAPL. Stocks play an important role when it comes to its image in the news and product announcements, rumors and speculation all play roles in determining how the company is valued at any given moment.


When it comes to products, Apple offers a wide variety of them and have expanded their selection over the years. Here are the main ones:

  • Mac
    The Mac is probably what got everything started for Apple when it comes to big numbers. The Mac is a well-reputed personal computer that performs especially well when it comes to video, editing and such tasks. The operating systems used are called Mac OS and OS X and feature the latest in terms of hardware parts.
  • iPad
    The iPad is a tablet-type of mobile computer and one of Apple’s most successful products. Through powerful mobile hardware, the iPad is able to deliver games, media content and take pictures. The device is generally expensive, but it comes in different memory sizes and fortunately always offers a state-of-the-art display when it comes to the latest versions to justify its price.
  • iPod
    The iPod is Apple’s own version of the MP3 player and after several generations, still is the leader in that market. The iPod doesn’t only have generations and improvements but also different formats such as the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano to suit different needs and budgets. The associated software is of course the iTunes store and the iPod stands as the perfect way to enjoy music.
  • Apple TV
    Apple TV
    The Apple TV is a product that has received more attention lately and with the more widespread use of online video content. The Apple TV comes with a remote and can install apps just like any other Apple device. It can also make use of voice commands.
  • iPhone
    The iPhone is the product for which lineups at Apple Stores are most common and offers the latest in terms of mobile capabilities. Apple is generally expected to put forward its most innovative ideas on this product and everything from the feel of the device to its internal changes are carefully analyzed by experts. As a smartphone, the iPhone can perform many tasks, such as make calls, play music and be used as a GPS device. The iPhone generally features strong hardware, which makes it great for games as well.
  • Apple Watch
    The hot product of the moment. The Apple Watch is Apple’s offering for the wearables market that’s about to get really competitive. With this watch, you can check some notifications and text messages on the go, track various data and use different apps. Depending on your lifestyle, this could replace your iPhone on some occasions.
  • Electric Vehicles
    Electric Vehicles
    Just like other ambitious companies such as Google, Apple is stepping in the automobile field to produce a car that will reflect the quality of its other, much smaller, products. 2020 is the current date expected for its first arrival.
  • Software
    Software is also truly important to the success of Apple Inc. The company creates its own software to run on the machine that they build, and that shows in the end result.
  • Apple Sim
    Apple Sim enables owners of Apple mobile products such as iPads to have access to mobile Internet.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the corporate culture behind all products outlined here generates almost as much interest as what you buy on the shelves. Besides Steve Jobs, there have also been a ton of incredibly talented individuals involved in the creation and transformation of the Apple products. Apple prides itself in working like a small motivated company would and in rewarding the best individuals internally. The Apple Fellowship program is one thing in place to reward the people who contribute the most to the Apple technology that we use today.

And then, when it comes to the environment, Apple is also staying competitive, although at times of the demand of groups like Greenpeace, by making changes to the way that they use energy to create their products. Then, in the end, customer service is really what comes at the rescue of any issue that might arise with Apple products. The devices might be expensive for some people, but the supporting staff is specialized in only one kind of products at Apple, and that might be what provides the customer the most peace of mind that the problem will be spotted and clearly communicated.

In its Apple Stores, Apple even delivers the Genius Bar, a stand made in respect of older devices where users can get help with older purchases. There always seems to be an extra reason to go with Apple, and that’s why Apple Inc. has been able to stay so competitive. We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of what Apple offers and that you now get a better idea on why it’s one of the most important electronics companies around. From the products to its culture, Apple Inc. Knows how to trigger the interest of fans around the globe, even in 2015. Big plays and big announcements are all part of their habits and they continue to get involved in the newest technologies before the trends start. New devices might come out, but generally the older ones always benefit from the improvements in some shape or form, be it simply in the form of software at the very least.

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