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Apple introduces cheapest MacBook Air

Apple introduced their latest and cheapest MacBook ever by adding two new MacBook Airs on their website last Tuesday.

Apple introduced an 11-inch laptop along with a 13-inch laptop, both available with storages of 128GB or 256GB.

The 11-inch MacBook Air that has a storage space of 128GB is at $899. According to Apple Insider, this is the cheapest price is a MacBook that Apple has offered to the public. The last time that Apple stooped this low in their prices was when they offered MacBook to educational institutions.

The 11-inch MacBook Air with a storage space of 256GB is at $1,099. Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Air with 128GB storage space is at $999 and $1,199 for a storage space of 256GB

These new Apple laptops are like the older versions of the MacBook Air, but these new laptops are $100 cheaper, faster and have newer processors. These cheap MacBook Airs are available online and at the Apple Store.

Apple didn’t make too much fuzz by advertising these new laptops because its cheap price and high quality specs sells for itself. For the first quarter of 2014, Apple already sold 4.1 million Macs. This is five percent higher compared to its record for last year’s first quarter. This is an impressive figure because laptop sales for this figure, especially Windows run laptops, dropped their sales growth by about 7 percent.

Apples new MacBook Air is such a bargain because it is not only cheaper, is has also gotten better. It has a new Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. Apple has upgraded MacBook Air for the past few years after the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. The new MacBook Air proves to be one of the best and ultra portable laptops in the market today at a very competitive price.




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