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Apple to pay $450 million in eBooks antitrust lawsuit

The eBooks antitrust lawsuit has been ongoing for the best part of 2013 and continued into 2014, with Apple still fighting against the US states lawsuit, but it looks like this charade is coming to an end, finally.

In a statement, New York Attorney General Schneiderman said that the US states has won a “major victory” against Apple and shows even the biggest companies have to play by the rules and laws set by the US government.

The $450 million Apple are expected to pay will go towards consumers and the treasury. The five other publishers in the lawsuit settled, leaving Apple to fight alone, something they might pay for dearly with hundreds of millions.

Apple is expected to give $400 million to consumers, who were wronged by the apparent price fixing scam, something Apple denies even to this day and continues to appeal against.

While Apple still appeals, they cannot give the $450 million away, and we might see even more appeals down the road. Apple’s cases never get resolved quickly and their lawyers have a tendency to continue trials for months.

The whole lawsuit centers around Apple and five publishers conspiring to fix eBook prices, to compete against Amazon, the current leader in eBook sales with the very popular Kindle store and e-readers.

Amazon still holds the most sales in eBooks and continues to pioneer some of the new technologies for books, like Highlights, X-Ray and WhisperSync, really impressive technologies for Kindle users.

The Kindle library continues to grow too, as Amazon has added different programs for writers without a publisher, comic books and short stories, making the Kindle store have more variety than iBooks.

Apple will most likely want to get this lawsuit over with, but we doubt the company will willingly pay the $450 million expense without a fight to the death.

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