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Apple Watch Predicted to Raise Smartwatch Sales

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give or receive would be the new wearable tech band Apple Watch, which is expected to be released later this year.

Tech analysts Canalys predicts that sales of the wearable tech bands will increase by 129 percent by next year. It is expected that 43 million of these devices will be sold all over the world by next year, and 28 million of those smartswatches will be the Apple Watch.1 1

Smartwatches can do a lot of incredible functions that can make your life easier, especially if you are the tech-savvy type.

These wearable devices can do things from helping you monitor your sleeping patterns and other health factors to paying for your coffee.

The “smartbands” can connect with your iPhones and tablets.1 2

The company says that the device has plenty of health and fitness features.

It could easily have the functions of a smartphone, MP3, and a tablet all rolled into one watch.

Smartbands before look weird and awkward, but the Apple Watch will have a design that every consumer would want to wear.

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch just last week.1 3

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