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  • Nootbot Advanced Chat

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    Nootbot Advanced Chat Assistance for Nootropic Brain Boosters

    This is a chat robot that helps you identify the most excellent nootropics available in the market for your own use. It is product that makes sure that you pick high quality product that boosts your memory, focus or... Read More

  • Tips to Create Better Video Guides

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    Useful Tips to Create Better Video Guides

    Video guides are an excellent way to show people how to perform certain tasks or even help them to understand a particular topic. Because of their nature, these guides have an inherent advantage over how-to articles due to the... Read More

  • Virtual Reality 3D

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    Google’s VR Painting Brush App is finally on the Oculus Rift

    Google have launched an app in Oculus rift by the name Tilt Brush Toolkit. The app is more comfortable and highly modified for use in artistic work. It has made easier for the artists to use 3D sketches to... Read More

  • Temporary Hack Your Own Car

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    You can Now Temporary Hack Your Own Car without Risking to be Jailed

    It is now possible to legally repair, hack and conduct security research using your car’s software and modify it without risking jail time for copyright violation. This is as agreed by the U.S Copyright Office after various organizations such... Read More

  • New Pocket Friendly Tracking Method

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    The New Pocket Friendly Tracking Method

    Most people can confirm to have ever forgotten where they packed their car. It occurs often and if you have not been there, you shouldn’t wish for it. It is an irritating and frustrating experience that leaves you panicking.... Read More

  • Risk-Based Security Planning

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    Risk-Based Security Planning – Do it Yourself Guide

    However, as organizations expand into the cyber sphere at the same time that risks become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, it becomes impractical, if not impossible, to scale a consistently high level of security up and out – complexity and... Read More

  • Chatbots and A.I. Empower the Future

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    This is What Happens when Chatbots and A.I. Empower the Future

    Chatbots and A.I. is no longer concepts of the far future. These technological innovations are here and here to stay. Artificial intelligence from service provider CenturySoft is about to reshape the future. Gone are the days when customers need... Read More

  • deposit photos

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    10 Data Security Issues That Can Easily Be Avoided

    With the vast range of internet-based solutions, handling large amounts of data has become a breeze. They can be easily stored and accessed, providing companies and their employees with a lot of flexibility. But this flexibility has also lead... Read More

  • vpn

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    Which Are The Best Android VPN apps?

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) is definitely one of the best ways to use internet safely, with little risk for your privacy. If combined with a good antivirus, VPN will act as an impenetrable shield that protects you... Read More

  • Home Decorating Apps

    Apps and Software

    9 Best Home Decorating Apps

    Whether you are an experienced or amateur interior designer, you can take the help of your smart phone to polish your interior designing skills. You will be inspired by the numerous design apps which take into consideration every little... Read More