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Four top reasons why sales order software is so popular

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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Managing a brand or wholesaling business involves many challenges. And maintaining and increasing sales is one of the biggest there is. Without your sales reps making sales, there would be no business at all.

The order-to-cash cycle involves many integral processes such as access to real-time inventory, management of customer-specific order forms, upkeep of custom pricing, record keeping of business and customer history and much more.

That is a lot of sales information to manage on a daily basis, so it’s not surprising that many companies are now using sales order software to help. It’s become an extremely popular tool so let’s look at four reasons why so many brands and wholesalers are choosing to use it.

Human error is drastically reduced

Managing a large volume of sales information involves a lot of manual data input, which can lead to human error. The average benchmark of human error is 1% so when you think about how many records are being manually input each day in your business – that adds up to a large percentage for human error.

And those mistakes cost you money.

But sales order software helps minimize human error by reducing the amount of manual work, beginning with the order taking process and automating various record keeping and financial tasks from then on.

By reducing the risk of human error, you allow for maximum profit and a higher level of success.

Business operational costs are considerably reduced

Do you know how much it costs your business to process an order manually? Thinking about the cost of producing paper order forms, printed catalogs, and the time it takes for reps to re-enter orders into your back-office system, it’s probably expensive. You then have the wait for the order to be submitted so it can be shipped, and that long lead time also costs money.

Contrast that with using sales order software where paper is eliminated. Sales reps use e-catalogs to sell and orders are automatically synced with your back office for processing. There is even the option for a Storefront where customers can access their own accounts and make orders themselves, at their convenience. They can check real-time inventory status and track current orders. All of which cuts down on your staff costs and saves you money.

Your sales will radically increase

As we touched on above, sales order software encompasses many different tools that enable your staff to do many different tasks. A mobile CRM tool empowers sales reps to find out more about their customers, so they can personalize their sales pitch and become more effective salespeople. By analyzing that customer data, they can promote specific products, upsell and cross-sell, and establish long-term relationships with customers by giving their customer exactly what they want. And the numbers back it up – per sales person, the mobile CRM part of sales order software can
increase revenue
by a whopping 41%!

In addition, the incorporation of a digital product catalog will enable them to sell strategically, easily find products with a flexible search facility, and fully maximize every customer meeting.

Your business will have the capacity to scale up or down

Your business is working hard to gain market share and increase orders and you want your company to grow. But you don’t want to be in the position where you end up with a huge order backlog or are rapidly on-boarding new and inexperienced staff just so you can keep up.

Sales order software gives you the capability to continue to effectively manage as your business grows. Automation eliminates manual processes, prevents an order backlog, and future-proofs your company needs.

What more evidence do you need that sales order software is the way forward?

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