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Less Popular Brilliant Android Apps

There are a lot of Android apps out there and most of them are for entertainment and are usually terribly useless. Brilliant apps are like diamonds in the rough, rare, but worth it. These apps are surprisingly unpopular.

Here are some brilliant apps, you probably might not know about:

  • Xtended NavBar. This straightforward app makes it more convenient for you to use your phone. This app puts more options in your navigation bar at the bottom of your device. With just a swipe, you can easily navigate through more apps on your screen. With this app, going from a call to an SMS message and then to your camera would be a lot easier.
  • com.fbarrosoapps.xtendednavbar-logo
  • Type Machine. Imagine this, you are typing an important SMS message when suddenly a software failure occurs, which means you have to take it back to the start. Isn’t it annoying? Type app will remember what you just typed as it stores your message in a backup file in case of any emergency. It automatically deletes the unneeded blacklists so that it won’t be so invasive.
  • unnamed
  • MuPDF. If you need a really fast PDF reader, then you definitely have to get your hands on this brilliant app. It is an amazing anti-aliased graphic app; it gives you the best image quality of any printed page as it appears on your device’s screen. This is best for people who like to read eBooks or for students who need to study.
  • MuPDF
  • AtmosHere Weather. You can get weather forecast on your Google Now widget, but if you want it in your mobile device anywhere you go, better make sure your Android phone has the brilliant atmosphere Weather app. This is very accurate and it updates the latest weather forecast every minute. You will also get the latest weather projection for next week as this app gives them to you each hour. Get this app for only $3.99.


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