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7 Best Media Converter For Mac Users

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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019

So, you can’t play the video because its format isn’t supported by any app, right? That can get a little annoying. It’s time to delete all those useless apps offering half-measures. Check out these 7 great media converters for Mac OS which can boast an impressive set of functions. 

Mac OS’s newbies often get surprised by a wide range of apps this operating system offers. Among the abundance of software, you can even find a couple of free solutions. 


Designed as a tool for cloning DVDs, HandBrake soon turned into a universal tool for working with audio and video files. Now it transforms practically any video into a format convenient for you. It’s a reliable and easy-to-use piece of software. 

Initially, the app was developed for BeOS, but at the moment, it’s the cross-platform software available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and even Solaris (in case you plan to use it not only on your Mac). The product is distributed under the GPL v2 license, which makes it a free application. 


Converting media for Apple’s gadgets still remains quite an issue for thousands of users. Most converters have a too complicated (or simply incomprehensible) interface with dozens of different settings and tabs. In contrast to them, we offer a simple but powerful media converter app: Permute. 

Permute app has extensive capabilities for adjusting audio and video files for any gadget. All settings are saved in the form of presets, sorted according to the device type. If necessary, you can also choose a simple format for the target file. Each preset can be configured in more detail by selecting bitrate, picture quality, sound, track (if there are two or more of them), etc. 

MPEG Streamclip

It’s an app for converting and editing QuickTime and MPEG clips. You can use it as a full-screen player to open MPEG files and export them to QuickTime. The app works with a ton of different formats, from MPEG, VOB, PS, M2P, and MOD, to MOV, AVI, MP4, MP2, MPA, and AC3. 

Just drag your video clip into the window and convert it to the selected format. If you need additional settings for converting, MPEG Streamclip has an impressive number of presets. Does the app look good? Nope. Is it functional? Yes. 

Prism Video Converter

For those, who are afraid of a large number of settings, Prism is the best choice. It doesn’t offer as many formats as its competitors, but sometimes simplicity is just what it takes to be better. It’s capable of working with a wide range of video formats: AVI, MPG, VOB, ASF, WMV, MP4 or OGM. 

The app allows you to change the conversion settings for each of the formats in the ‘Encoder Options’ menu (used codec, resolution, bit rate, etc.) and set the consecutive number of frames per second or screen width in ‘Edit Output.’ Before you start converting, you can use the preview function to see what the result will look like. You can add as many videos to the list as you like.

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VisualHub aka iSquint

By coincidence, Squint has become VisualHub, but the app didn’t lose anything because of it. VisualHub is an open-source solution, with a lot of presets and supported formats. It allows users to convert any video files in a couple of clicks. You can use VisualHub for videos that are supported by iPod, PSP, and DVD. The program also works with other formats, including WMV, Flash, AVI, or DV. 

Each format is pre-defined, and you can also change the settings as you like. Drag and drop the files you’re going to work with into the program interface and enjoy your videos on any device. 


FLV2iTunes is slightly different from other converters, but the app still deserves the right to be on this list. Judging by its name, you may think that it supports only (.FLV files), but it’s not. It works with a lot of other formats. It turns almost any video into an iTunes-friendly codec and exports the finished file to iTunes. The software accepts all formats supported by FFmpeg, converts them, and puts them in the iTunes library. 


One of the best things about ffmpegX is its large set of UNIX tools that provide reliability and flexibility, plus a simple drag-n-drop interface. The software supports a huge number of video file formats and offers quite a lot of settings. But the main plus of the app is that it’s free. 

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