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Best Practices For Mobile App Security That Everyone Should Know

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Last Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The use of mobile applications continues to rise as mobile technology becomes part of our day-to-day lives.

The question is: Are mobile applications really secure from hackers? Mobile application security is paramount for any small business or a large enterprise that relies on single or multiple mobile apps to conduct business or interact with customers.

With every passing year, there is an increase in mobile app and data breaches. According to CBI, a top cybersecurity company, approximately 50% of companies haven’t allocated any form of spending toward mobile application security.

The risk of jeopardizing critical business data, exposing customers’ private information and damaging your reputation is all too high.

How can your business ensure reliable mobile app security? Here are some of the top best practices for mobile app security that every business should know.

Ensure End-To-End Application Code Security

Just like any software project, mobile software security needs to be prioritized from day one. Unlike web applications whose data and software remain secure on a server, mobile app code resides on the device once it has been downloaded, exposing it to potential threats. To ensure end-to-end app code security:

  • Protect the application code with the latest encryption
  • Test your app code for vulnerabilities
  • Your code should be as agile as possible so you can patch and update it easily
  • Focus on app performance and user experience
  • Have your app tested and approved by a third-party to ensure it’s secure

Secure Your Back End Network Connections

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Any servers or cloud servers that your application’s APIs are accessing, whether your own or a third party should have proper security measures in place to ensure your data is secured against unauthorized access.

App developers must implement containerization and federation procedures to secure app code data as well as client data from intrusions.

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments should also be done by qualified network security analysts to ensure that application data is protected in the right way. Additional security layers like the use of a VPN, SSL or TLS security options are also vital.

Implement Identification, Authentication And Authorization Policies

For mobile app APIs, it’s important to implement the latest in identification, authentication and authorization technology so that app users can prove who they are. A combination of these security policies helps add a layer of security to the app login process.

Turning to new security protocols for mobile apps like 2FA helps you improve app access for users[1], reducing vulnerability risks.

Invest In The Latest Mobile Encryption Technology

Successful Account Managers Team Analyze

How well is customer data secured in your mobile application? You should be aware that the more data that is stored in a device, whether temporarily or permanently, the more vulnerable the device is. To ensure customer data is protected:

  • Implement file-level encryption on a file-to-file basis
  • Encrypt mobile databases
  • Design apps in such a way that sensitive data is not stored directly on the device
  • Make app key management a major priority

Have A Solid API Security Strategy

Because mobile app development hinges squarely on APIs, a large part of securing your app involves securing the APIs.

Considering that APIs flow data between apps, the cloud and multiple different users, all of whom need to be continuously verified and authorized to access app data, proper security measures have to be undertaken.

To ensure users can access your application’s content, enjoy smooth app functionality and access secure data, you need to have a solid API security strategy that involves identifying every one accessing your app, authenticating their information and authorizing app access and control.

Test Your App Software And Test Again

Testing your application’s code is part of the app development process. Unfortunately, many app developers want to get their apps up and running and available in the market without doing enough tests.

It’s important to continuously test your app for usability, functionality, performance, and security. This way, you can easily detect vulnerabilities in the code and fix them before launching your app.

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After taking into consideration these best practices, the next step is ensuring that users enjoy your app experience. To avoid security issues, fraud or identity theft when users are accessing your app, provide necessary information to users to protect them from potential security issues.

For instance, recommend that they avoid using rooted devices and only to download apps from trusted sources like authorized app stores.



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