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  • vpn

    Apps and Software

    Which Are The Best Android VPN apps?

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) is definitely one of the best ways to use internet safely, with little risk for your privacy. If combined with a good antivirus, VPN will act as an impenetrable shield that protects you... Read More

  • Home Decorating Apps

    Apps and Software

    9 Best Home Decorating Apps

    Whether you are an experienced or amateur interior designer, you can take the help of your smart phone to polish your interior designing skills. You will be inspired by the numerous design apps which take into consideration every little... Read More

  • Trending Android Apps of 2016

    Apps and Software

    Trending Android Apps of 2016

    The Mobile apps market is exploding at a rapid rate so much that there is an app for every purpose including games, cooking, and workouts etc. The Google Play Store has over 2 million apps as of February 2016... Read More

  • Metromile

    Apps and Software

    Metromile Review: Is It The Best Current Car App?

    Are you tired of paying a standard flat rate car insurance, even when you did not take a long drive? Worry not because now you will pay per mile and save that extra cash. This has been made possible... Read More

  • Apps for Android

    Apps and Software

    7 Reasons Why You Should Develop Apps for Android

    There are numerous avenues and routes for powering our mobile devices today. These options become even more However, for both large developers, and small indie companies, one must always consider which platform to debut, test or even solely produce... Read More

  • Popular Brilliant Android Apps

    Apps and Software

    Less Popular Brilliant Android Apps

    There are a lot of Android apps out there and most of them are for entertainment and are usually terribly useless. Brilliant apps are like diamonds in the rough, rare, but worth it. These apps are surprisingly unpopular. Here... Read More

  • APPS AND SOFTWARE Apple Apps On Android Device

    Apps and Software

    Apple Apps on Android Device

    US computer scientists developed software that allows Android and Apple apps to run side-by-side. Columbia University postgraduate researchers developed the software they called Cider. This software lets owners of Android gadgets to combine iOS apps and Android apps they... Read More

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