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Google’s VR Painting Brush App is finally on the Oculus Rift

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Last Updated: Mar 3, 2017

Google have launched an app in Oculus rift by the name Tilt Brush Toolkit. The app is more comfortable and highly modified for use in artistic work. It has made easier for the artists to use 3D sketches to provide animation and other interactive parts in virtual reality. It is very easy to control this app and record audio in your headphones. This tilt brush was launched on HTC Vive and it has spread and embraced by many users since April 2016. You can download this app from your smartphone and enjoy how it works. Tilt brush has taken artistry to another level.

How Tilt Brush Operates?

Google have customized the new version of tilt brush. There is a touch button to control the app and its functions. It is made in such a way that it can be used by two artists and they will be able to control their work effectively. It also has a built-in headphones, to provide you with feedback on each tool that you use. The app has different brushes, which are made in such a way that they produce different sound effects. The sound is transmitted through headphones and the user will receive feedback for every tool used. The user can use 3D to add animations and other interactive elements during the time of use.

Why Use Tilt Brush?

Tilt brush has made the world of virtual reality to be real and it has attracted many users. It has emerged to be the most fun, impressive and immersive virtual reality app for HTC vive. It has reached on the other platforms and its working has really captured many customers. This app initially seemed not to be practical until when it landed on the Oculus rift. Tilt brush has gained popularity as you can get the identical app on the different platforms and still work as it claims. This has made tilt brush to be the best virtual reality tool for use in artistry.


What Makes Tilt Brush Impressive?

Tilt brush is an app, which makes the user to enjoy using it. It is customized in different ways making it fit for its artwork. Once you download this app, it is controlled using a sensitive touch button, which produces sound on every stroke of star, fire, light and paint. The sound is then transmitted via the in-built headphones making it easier for you to get the feedback. Different colours produce different sounds making you to be alert when doing your painting. These features make the tilt brush to be very impressive for use in artwork.

The Advantages of Tilt Brush App

  • It is customised
  • It can be used by two artists
  • It is controlled from your phone using touch button
  • It comes with an in-built Headphone
  • It is easier to receive feedback via headphones
  • Different colours produce different sound effects
  • It if found across many platforms
  • It have made painting easier
  • It is fun
  • It can be used from anywhere


The Cons of Tilt Brush App

  • It can only be downloaded from an android smartphone
  • It requires some skills for you to operate

Who Made Tilt Brush?

Tilt brush is an app that was developed by Google and launched in April 2016. It was later made available on other platforms and you can download it from your android smartphone.

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Tilt brush has made painting to be fun and real in the word of virtual reality. This app was developed and launched by Google and it has taken artwork and painting to another level. This app is a breakthrough and it has worked great to those who love artwork. The app was officially launched by Google and you can download it across from many platforms. This app is highly controlled and you will get the same app despite the platform that you have downloaded it from. It is customized to fit different needs when you are using it. Tilt brush app is controlled using a sensitive touch button making it more fun and drawing the user’s attention to concentrate. This app comes fitted with an inbuilt headphone, which helps the user to get feedback on each activity. The app has different colours for use during painting and each colour produces different colour stroke.
This makes it more fun and keeps the user on toes when operating it. It initially seemed not to be real until when Oculus rift shipped its touch controllers. The app is now made available across mainly platforms and you can download it in your smartphone. Once you download the app, it is installed in your phone and you can use it anytime from anywhere. The app is able to save different projects in different colours and you will be able to pick from where you stopped. Out of other virtual reality gadgets, tilt brush is more fun and highly modified. It has made painting easier and come into practical in the world of virtual reality. Get yourself a tilt brush app for an impressive and fun painting.

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