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The Good, The Bad And The Weird About Some Celebrity Apps

There are many apps flooding the market today making it very hard for developers to get noticed. But some software programmers have partnered with Hollywood to help bolster their presence.

Here’s a rundown of celebrity apps on the market, and the good, the bad, and the weird of each.

6 – Taylor Swift Greeting Cards

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards

The good – Each of the cards are customizable and allows you to include a selfie, personalized note and your signature.
The bad – The user has to listen to Taylor Swift songs the entire time they use the app.
The weird – The absence of a single breakup card.

Available on iTunes and Google Play, free

5 – Miranda July’s Somebody

Miranda July's Somebody

The good – The wants to increase serendipity by forcing people to actually interact with one another IRL.
The bad – The concept is too convoluted to ever work.
The weird – July was compelled to direct a short movie to better explain the app.

Available only on iTunes, free

4 – Ellen’s Head’s Up

Ellen's Head's Up

The good – The game records while you play, so you can post the video on Facebook, enticing more friends to get off social media and be social in real life.
The bad – Portia di Rossi is an answer in the celebrity category.
The weird – The app’s icon looks so much like the comedian’s actual eyes that it feels like the app is watching you.

Available on iTunes and Google Play, $.99

3 – Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood

Kim Kardashian's Hollywood

The good – The game is smart and therefore makes you want to spend more money.
The bad – The game is smart and therefore makes you want to spend more money.
The weird – The game is putting all that we claim to dislike about the Kardashian klan out there for us like a transparent Life & Style cover.

It is available on iTunes and Google Play free

2 – Tom Hanks’s Hnax Writer

Tom Hanks's Hanx Writer

The good – It is charming.
The bad – It is only available on iPad.
The weird – The app’s broad appeal makes as much sense as the popularity of last year’s Captain Phillips

Available on iTunes

1 – William Shatner’s Shatoetry

William Shatner's Shatoetry

The good – You can customize Shatner’s choppy signature cadence.
The bad – Requires the user to purchase additional word packs in order for Shatner to utter the likes of “ahoy,” “Pocahontas,” and “tastytiger.”
The weird – Having to tap the unfortunately named “Shat That” button in order for Captain Kirk to read your masterpiece.

Available on iTunes and Google Play, $.99

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