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Are You In A Hurry To Get An iPhone 6 Plus? This Is The Much It’ll Cost You

The iPhone 6 Plus is currently the most expensive smartphone on the market with full prices ranging from $749 to $949 and two year contract prices ranging from $299 to $499. And Apple already reports that the initial stock of the phone in the US have sold out.


Still you can get the phone if you’ve just heard about it and you feel like getting your hands on one son. Those who preordered the phone have flocked eBay to auction them. But you will have to queue probably at the tail end of the line unless you are willing to pay a little extra.


If you can not wait for September 19 when the phone will officially go on sale, then you will have to add a mark-up of up to 60 percent. That would mean you will have to pay over $1,000 to get the phone.

Is that surprising? Majority of the people are willing to pay a $500 premium to move closer to the front of the virtual queue. There is an auction that ended on Saturday including two unlocked 128GB models; they went for a high bid of $3,050 which is about $1,100 more than the retail price.


More surprises for you. Some sellers are asking for as high as $4,000 for the preordered iPhone 6 Plus. The most popular price is $1,500.

Sounds crazy but it tells you how people like this phone. If the prices look too much on the higher side for you then better practice patience as the virtual queue moves slowly.


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