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As a Student, You Can Use These Apps to Make Your Studying Paperless

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Last Updated: Aug 3, 2016

Whenever we hear the word ‘student’, what comes in our minds is someone having several notebooks and pens wherever they are. This has been the tradition, but with technology this may change.

Investing in technology may be a little costly for a student in the beginning, but as his/her campus life progresses he/she will realize that it is less costly compared to buying notebooks and pens.
It is envisaged that at a certain point in time, all exams may also turn to be paperless.

Take a look at these gadgets and apps that will make your campus life to be easy by eliminating the need for papers:

Microsoft OneNote
This is an electronic version of a paper notebook. It is a cloud synced note-taking and document storing service that is great for students. It is a personal information management application that helps students to store handwriting, video and audio snippets, photos, text notes, etc.

Microsoft OneNote Logo
It is an application that will collect and organize your information and make it easy for sharing with your friends and even searching.

Evernote is a smart application that makes you phone to be like an extension of your brain. It will help you remember and recall anything that happens in your life – a perfect companion to a student.
It is particularly designed for note taking and archiving. Where a note includes full webpage, webpage excerpt, formatted text, a photograph, a handwritten ink note, a voice memo, etc. notes also include file attachments.


With Evernote, you can sort your notes into folders, then tag, annotate, give comments, and even export them.

This application is available in a restricted free version as well as a paid version. Using the online services is free up to a certain monthly usage limit. Paying subscribers have additional monthly use reserved for them.

Simplenote is great for keeping notes, ideas, lists and more. And your notes will stay in sync with all of your other devices.

This app is just about speed and efficiency. As your collection of notes grows, you will be able to search them instantly and keep them organized with pins and tags.

It is easy to install and use; just visit to download it. You can install it on all your devices to help you access your note anywhere.

GoodReader will help you keep track of your documents for classes and let you organize and mark up PDF files and other formats.

It is a robust PDF reader for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone. With this reader, you can read virtually anything. And once you get hooked, it will be like an addiction, you will wonder how you’ve been managing your documents without this app.

Apart from the PDF files, it also handles TXT files, iWork, HTML and Safari webarchives, RAR and ZIP archives, high resolution images and even video and audio.

Boogie Board
This is for those who like to take notes longhand. The board feels great to write on and backs up your notes plus the sketches up to your device.

Boogie Board
You write on the board using a stylus and it feel more or less like using a pen and paper.

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