Assessing the Capabilities of Cloud Server and Service Providers

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Last Updated: Dec 7, 2015

Moving one or many of your IT based services to a cloud server could bring along many benefits. You possibly know that already, considering that more and more companies are embracing the concept of cloud hosting readily. Top advantages include reduced capital expenditure, low operating costs, flexibility in infrastructure, support for workers working from remote locations or those using mobile devices among others. When a cloud server hosting plan has been properly implemented, the entire perspective of IT being a cost centre can transform to a competitive advantage that can affect the revenue of the top line.

However, it is important to remember that a lot depends on the cloud hosting service provider you end up choosing. Not all service providers would be created equal, being able to choose the right one would be essential for realizing the benefits of a cloud hosting plan. It is important to ensure that the cloud service provider is capable of delivering the quality of service your company needs for running the business that is critical for successful migration of IT services to a cloud server. We discuss a list of attributes that you need to check on before choosing your service provider.

Some Essential Qualities to look for in a Cloud Hosting Company

Some qualities include:

  • Reliable Services: It is important to understand that cloud hosting companies are expected to deliver business critical services. After all, no business today can afford too much downtime loss owing to going down of IT services. Such outages can have a major impact on business. A collapse in IT services would mean lost calls or emails, documents left to be shared and possibly delayed quotes and business transactions. All of these can affect bottom line expenses and top line earnings. So, you need to engage cloud service providers with a history of minimum outage and with a reputation of maximum reliability when it comes to service. There is something called the reliability-availability percentage which needs to be calculated. And never get swayed with fancy numbers. Remember, a percentage of 99.9% reliability still means that there would at least be 43 minutes of downtime each month.
  • Scalable Cloud Services: Businesses are bound to grow and the more they expand the better. What makes cloud servers so popular is their ability to scale to greater size and provide additional resources as and when your company might need it. You need a company that can deploy data centers all across the world so that your company can enjoy connections from users all across the world. You need to hunt for companies that can meet the needs and demands of your company that are location specific.
  • Necessary Security Safeguards: One major disadvantage of moving to the cloud could be the concern of poor security. After all, you are risking your data on an external cloud server and you need to be assured that it would remain safe. So, your cloud hosting service provider should be able to provide required security safeguards like multi point authentication woven into their service and also complete encryption both during data transit and at the rest point. Having a check on centrally mobilized security policies for local devices is also as important.
  • QoS or Quality of Service: Choosing a cloud server and service provider that simply delivers services is not good enough. Remember, the service here has a real time impact and therefore it has to be of top quality. You need to find providers who can manage as much of the solution and service as possible. This includes bandwidth connectivity, service technology and networking equipment. The more they can control and more superior their service quality is likely to be.
  • Support: Customer support is one area that is often neglected in lieu of others. However, know for a fact that being able to contact support staff in real time as and when you need them could be more crucial than you think. Any company that is conducting business around the world will need a support system from a cloud server provider that can be accessed irrespective of differences in time zones and other geographical factors. Most of these interactions are time critical. Therefore, availing of help 24/7 is most important.
  • SLAs or Service Level Agreements: Well, at all times, the aim of both parties is never to have to resort to legal enforcement of the agreement set up between the parties. However, having a strong service level agreement does have a role to play. It is important to have a document in place.

Be it deciding on a cloud server service specialist or choosing on a Linux cloud VPS hosting in India it is important to take time out for a fair assessment and selection. Rushing into the wrong choices is inappropriate and detrimental for your business.

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