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ASUS C200 is a powerhouse

Asus C200 is the company’s first Chromebook and it is a battery life champ. It knocks 11 hours of continuous usage which is not a mean feat.


The C200 is powered by a dual-core Celeron N2830 processor ensuring that everything runs smoothly. It is a bit slow though; it takes 12 seconds to cold-boot which does not compare well with other Celeron-based machines that take six or seven seconds.


Its price fits in well with that of some of its competitors; it goes for $250 or less.

The device is made of plastic but it feels more solid than the C720 which flexes when grabbed by the palm rest. It is 0.8 inch thick and weighs only 2.5 pounds. These make it quite portable.


The C200 boasts an 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. It is a non-touch screen that also has poor viewing angles. If you want a wider screen, you can go for the C300 version that has a screen size of 13 inches, has the same specs but offers a lower battery life of 10 hours.

The C200 comes with 16GB internal memory but has 100GB of Google Drive space which is free for two year for those who may want more space.


It runs on 2GB of RAM and offers two USB ports: one 2.0 and the other 3.0. The C200 also offers an SD card reader and a full-size HDMI port. In addition, there is a headphone jack and a lock slot.

A quick look at Asus C200 review sites reveals that most users like it because of the long battery life. They also like its comfortable keyboard and trackpad and the fact that it is lightweight.


Some users don’t like it because of its sluggish performance and its poor viewing angles. Some also said that at its price, one could get better Chromebooks that run more smoothly.

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