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ASUS Monitor Is Your Perfect Travel Partner

Mobile technology is making life easier for everyone, more particularly the professionals and entrepreneurs who travel regularly.

But there is a group of professionals that has been neglected; the video editors, designers, photographers and presenters. These professionals can not do their work on laptops, tablets or smartphones because they need wider screens.


David Pogue, a writer and columnist, embarked on a journey to find a solution to this group of professionals.

He was working on a couple of computer-related books while doing a lot of travelling. He says it was a bit tricky on a small screen since he was using book layouts in InDesign.

Pogue says that in the past he had tried working on a laptop screen by constantly and painstakingly zooming, unzooming and scrolling but the screen was just too small. He says it was like mowing our lawn with fingernail clippers.


While at it, David Pogue discovered DisplayLink which is a type of technology that can allow you to connect your laptop to a display screen using just a USB connection. This technology opened doors for many tech companies to produce thin, light screens with higher resolution than many mobile devices.

But a common problem with these devices is that their resolution is similar to that of some laptops. So they can not help much if you are looking for something with higher resolution than laptop screen.

Pogue settled on the ASUS MB168B+. He says he has been thrilled with its results, despite a few minor issues like lack of proper stand and loss of some abilities when connected with Apple devices.

So if you are a professional or an entrepreneur who likes to work while travelling you should give this device a try. With only a USB connection, you will be good to go.


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