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Azkenmedia unveils a very large touchscreen for showcasing products

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Almost all gadgets are moving towards the touch screen technology. But have you ever thought of a drafting table size touch screen that you can use to showcase you products?

That is what Azkenmedia is promising with their new product IKKUT.

IKKUT also accommodates a projector so you can project your presentations on a large wall for your viewers to see. All you need is a laptop to enjoy these features. It comes with a special tray where you can attach the projector unit and your laptop.

The creators of the IKKUT touch screen podium say you simply need to install the drivers for you computer’s operating system then connect the single USB port and you will be good to go.
IKKUT touch screen comes with a steel structure casing to hold it and is able to adjust its position up to 90 degrees. This steel structure measures 56.7 in. x 23.6 in. and would come coated in matte black powder paint.

The infrared capacitive touch screen is made of a 6mm tempered security glass and it offers multi-touch capability with response times of only 7 to 13 milliseconds.

It measures 40 inches and could be made available in a 2 or 6 point multi-touch display.

But why make the screen so large? “Human touch is a must, an internal response to interact with other human beings,” explains Ferdando Elola the project director. He goes on to say that in a world where people are surrounded by touch screens on computers, tablets, phones and even watches, why not have a large screen that can allow users to showcase their products in a more intuitive way.
He gives an example that a developer could create a prototype or an app then showcase on a screen large enough for all in a large room to see. And since it is using a computer it makes it easy to come up with a very organized presentation.

IKKUT podium can have many business applications. It can also be great for museums or exhibitions, education in schools, TV studios and for personal entertainment. It can project using any rear projection system.
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Ferdando Elola and his team were planning on a fifty unit production run. Their aim was to raise $105,000 from their Kickstarter campaign. But they have managed to get only 10 backers raising only $3,203. This is quite unfortunate as it means the product might not see the light of the day.

The project has very interesting business applications but it may end up as an example of what can go wrong in a Kickstarter campaign.

Elola informed the existing and potential backers that the campaign is reaching its end without getting enough money to make the gadget a reality. He cites the problems as lack of defined target audience, lack of pre-campaign promotion, high cost of the project, and a slow video that does not explain all about the project.

Their Kickstarter campaign will end on July 30, 2014 and it more than certain that the goal will not be achieved. This project will now just remain as a lesson to those who want to undertake similar campaigns.

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