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Biggest Apple Product Flops

Recently, Apple products are becoming household devices that everyone must seem to have. From the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the iMac, Apple has been dominating the technology industry for the past decade. But Steve Job’s Apple didn’t immediately catch the limelight, especially in the 80s and 90s. This giant tech company also suffered colossal flops with some of its products like the PowerPc and the Pippin game console.

Apple probably wants you to forget all those products that flopped. But its just hard not to come up with a list about these rotten Apples.

  • iPod Hi-Fi. This sound system has an incredible aesthetic design, but it didn’t deliver what its competitors could.


  • iMac’s hockey puck mouse. This funny looking mouse was just too uncomfortable for users, which led Apple to reconsider it.


  • Macintosh TV. This was released in 1993 before Apple TV. This disappointingly couldn’t display TV on its desktop. Only 10,000 units of this product were sold.


  • The Pippin. This was manufactured by Bandi and released in 1996. After a year and only 42,000 units sold, it was discontinued by Apple.


  • Apple III. Apple II was very successful. But this was not the case for Apple III, which has a very impractical design that annoyed the users.


  • The Newton PDA. It was in production for 11 since 1987 and was ultimately discontinued by Apple. Probably because of the stylus it needs.


  • The Apple QuickTake. This was one of the first digital cameras in the market. It was released in 1994, a date too soon.
  • The Macintosh Portable. This was the first laptop of the company. It was very expensive at $7,300. It came out in 1989 with display and battery problems.


  • Power Mac G4 Cube. This came out in 2000 for a price of $1,799. It didn’t have an internal fan, so it overheats.


  • ROKR E1. Yes, Motorola made this phone, but it was among the first devices that supported the iTunes. The major problem concerning it is its limited storage and an unacceptably slow file transfer.



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