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Blackberry Is Gonna Bombard You With Unique Smartphone Design At Least Once A Year

BlackBerry is set to deliver at least one “unconventional” device per year. This is according to a new report from Reuters.

The Canadian telecommunications firm could be about to become the most interesting firm in the smartphone business.


BlackBerry launched the Passport last week. This smartphone definitely has a unique design. It has a wide-bodied construction and hardware keyboard.

BlackBerry celebrated selling 200,000 unit of the Passport during its launch week and said the sales resulted in a gross profit for its hardware business.

BlackBerry came up with the amazing tagline “Work Wide” to highlight the significant span of the Passport.


Even though the sale of 200,000 units can not be considered as a runaway success by the standards of other industry leaders, it has done well for BlackBerry at least to help it stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market.

That’s not all. One of BlackBerry’s executives hinted that in the near future we might see a Passport variant re-designed for better one-handed use, but hopefully it will add something crazy into the mix.


BlackBerry might be having something under its sleeves. Being a company that has backed into a corner means it has the liberty to take risks as could be seen in the design of Passport.

Many Passport’s reviews don’t paint it as a darling to many smartphone users, but BlackBerry isn’t concerned about this. It is just a matter of waiting to see what BlackBerry will pull off next.


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