BMW New Motorcycle Have a New Amazing Look

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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2016

BMW is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. In addition to their growing new products, the firm unveiled a set of new motorcycles, which is surely going to rock the market. If specifications are anything to go by, then the new motorcycles will take a lead in the world of motorcycles within a short time.

The new motorcycles are a complete contrast of the existing ones. It projects that the new products will take the transportation to the earlier projection of 30 years. The futurism of the motorcycle has been orchestrated by the innovation of the company. It has been built in such a way that the safety of the mechanic and the rider is taken care of.

The frame of the bike

According to the firm, there will be no need of the rider putting on a helmet while driving. This is because the bike has been designed in such a way that it can’t crush easily. It has a unique frame. The structure of the BMW new motorcycle is popularly known as a flexframe. The frame covers the entire automobile from the front to the rear wheel. Most parts of this flexframe are carbon Fiber thus makes the bike light enhancing speed. The seat and the wings of the bike are also very light.

The broad wheels and self balancing

broad wheels

The wheels of the bike have customized treads that makes it easy for the motorcycle to effectively serve the user on all types of terrain and soil topography. This makes it cope with the various types of roads that the rider rides on. It makes it effective even on tough terrains and bad all weather roads. The balance of the bike is taken care of by the broad wheels.

The bike can remain upright even when it is not in motion and the rider has dismounted. It has an inbuilt gyroscopic sensor that ensures the bike is balanced while on motion. When the bike is on a high speed, the engine expands outward. This enhances aerodynamics. It is this balance that, according to the German Manufacture BMW, will entice riders to forgo a helmet.


On the steering of this bike there are no joints or bearings. Since the structures have no joint, they propel the steering of the whole bike not only the fore wheel. This gives that bike stability even when negotiating sharp corners on a high speed. Just a turn of the handlebar and the whole body takes motion in the direction the rider wishes.

Customized glasses

Customized glasses

The bike comes with classy augmented glasses that are wrapped around the head of the rider. The glasses display the information of the drive to the user. The information displayed depends on where the rider is looking at. This means that it can display a lot or less depending on the look of the rider. The glasses cover the field of vision of the rider in totality. The glasses notify the rider on the speed and the possible corners in the course of the journey.

They also serve the purpose of protecting the rider from the wind. When the rider looks forward the information is completely switched off to allow the rider focus on riding only. Looking up or down or even sideways changes the content of the dashboard of the glasses. The glasses are customized to display in four different partitions. Looking down shows the map of the route that the rider has chosen to take.


This motorcycle has a zero-emission engine. This simply implies that the motorbike is eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment. The bike inhibits sensors that sense danger or an accident and warns the rider.

The sensors are so strong that they send signals in milliseconds. Collisions and crushes while using this ride are therefore very minimal. It helps the rider thwart impending dangers and accidents thereby guaranteeing security to the rider.


What has made motorcycle transport growth rather sluggish is the fact that many people fear accidents. Most motorbike crushes end up fatal. With the new BMW motorcycle, this form of transport has received a major boost owing to the fact that they manufacturer has invested a lot of expertise to ensure that the security of the rider is covered exhaustively.

The wide wheels, self-balancing, technologically developed glasses and the flexframe will go a long way in re-installing the customer confidence in motorbike transport. The company though aims at commercializing these automobiles by the year 2021.

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