10 New Features on F-150 2015

Ford’s F-150 finally has set new features that will put its competitors to shame. Not only that, the 2015 design has been built from ground up with new materials, new features, and new capabilities that give new meaning to trucks. It’s both luxury and efficiency that’s worth every single buck it costs.

  1. Remote controlled tailgate. It’s made from aluminum so it’s really lighter and easier to use than its predecessors. Remote controlled tailgate
  2. Box steps for the bed. This provides larger room for larger work boots.Box steps for the bed
  3. Flexible cargo. Ford added removable cleats and additional tie down points. The e-track system is made of sliding metallic rods. Mounting locations can load up to 600 pounds. Flexible cargo
  4. Doors are 170 degrees. This is to easily load people or cargo in the rear section.Doors are 170 degrees
  5. LED lights. Cargo bed, tailgate handle, exterior mirrors’ spotlight location, and more areas have LED lighting to aid the driver and other people see clearly.LED lights
  6. Driver assist. This new feature will put Cadillac into a blushing fit as F-150 has curve control, blind spot detection, forward collision warning, Active Park Assist system, and more.Driver assist
  7. It has exterior cameras. For a vehicle this big, it’s only expected that F-150 will not only have a rearview camera but a 360-degree one that will enable the driver to  see what’s going on in the truck’s surroundings. exterior cameras
  8. Electronic displays. This is common on luxury cars but Ford incorporated it with the new F-150 model. It’s a whole menu of information that drivers can use.Electronic displays
  9. It has EcoBoost engines. It has a 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, which provides a 325hp and 375 pound-feet of torque. That means the F-150 will provide a healthier fuel consumption figure.EcoBoost engines
  10. Aluminum body. This is it’s most significant improvement because it made the truck lighter. It’s basically the same material used on airplanes.Aluminum body

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