10 of the Best and Most Affordable Three-Row Cars

It’s hard to look for a family vehicle that fits the budget. More and more cars in the market offer family accommodation but with a steep price tag. Good thing there are auto companies that think of convenience that fits the buck, creating quality and reliable vehicles with plenty of room for passengers of all ages.

These days shoppers can choose between which vehicle gives more efficiency and entertainment features that can keep the busy tots still and the most uneasy grandpa comfortable. If you want a vehicle with a third row but fits the budget, you only have to look at these 2014-2015 car models.

The Kelley Blue Book created a list of the best three-row cars that are affordable. If you’re looking for one heck of an SUV that provides extra room for passengers or cargo, but of course wouldn’t cost you much, you might want to consider the cars on this list.

10. Ford- Transit Connect Passenger (2014). Cost: $26,2002014-Ford-Transit-Connect-Passenger-Ext

9. Kia- Sorento (2015). Cost: $26,000gallery_sorento_2015_exterior_006-kia-1280x-jpg-1024x632

8. Toyota- Sienna (2014). Cost: Between $25,000- $26,000sienna-black-house-triangle-roof-1024x576

7. Nissan- Quest (2014). Cost: $25,0002014NissanQuest

6. Kia- Sedona (2014). Cost: $25,000gallery_sedona_2014_exterior_005-kia-1280x-jpg-e1388775574335

5. Nissan- Rogue (2014). Cost: $23,000001-14TDI_ROGb036x-large

4. Mitsubishi- Outlander (2014). Cost: $22,0002014-outlander-e1387484820676

3. Dodge- Journey (2014). Cost: $21,000DodgeJourney-e1393596081337

2. Dodge- Grand caravan (2014). Cost: $20,0002014-grand-caravan-sunlight

1. Mazda- 5 (2014). Cost: $20,000Mazda5-e1391455348828

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