2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO With N-Attack Package Tested At Fuji Speedway

The 2015 Nissan GT- R NISMO is one of the speediest cars ever manufactured, having collection a tremendous 7:08 .679 Nürburgring lap time at the hands of racing driver Michael Krumm. However, for getting that time, Krumm’s GT-R NISMO was installed with certain important parts that don’t been created the stock version.

The pack produces a number of changes to make the Nismo GT-R the best handling car. The headgear and brakes are overhauled with Öhlins flexible dampers , new stabilizer bar and new main brake pads. I hope you agree the outside is very different with carbon fiber parts replacing the front fenders and hood gurney, also a flexible carbon fiber rear wing with angle adjustments and two height functions. The interior gets a carbon fiber rear bulkhead to minimize weight also.

The launch date or price for the N-Attack pack hasn’t been announced, but chief vehicle engineer Noboru Kaneko states that the test in the video at Fuji Speedway was to finish “final checks.” So that the package could not lag too far behind the standard GT-R Nismo.

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