5 Best Trucking Accessories for Long Drives

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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Trucks are becoming a popular type of vehicle for carrying goods. A truck is very versatile and plays an important role in the lives of people.

It is very sensible to pick the right accessories for your truck as these accessories will provide you with additional functionalities for your vehicle, especially when going for long drives.

With the right truck accessories, your ride will be easier and hitch free, transforming your truck into a multi-purpose vehicle. These 5 trucking accessories are the best to take along with you when going for long drives.

Wide Custom Wheels

This is a must-have for every truck drivers embarking on a long ride. It serves as a protection from stones and muck that are thrown by the tread.

Stones, road tars, salt-laden slush, and muck will likely cause a chipped paint or even more damage.

Besides the protection, a wide custom wheels and truck tires complement each other and look great on a truck. Moreover, these will keep you on the good side of the law as it is illegal in some states to drive without one.

Truck Fenders

You will need a set of fenders to cover the wide tires or your truck. They afford you a cleaner looking machine, and keep the wheels and tires within the body of the truck. Using a fender is a perfect way to protect a set of custom wheels and road tires.

With a truck fender, the front, rear flanks, and rigs are fully protected and guarded. A fender is easy to install and will be a great accessory to take along during a long drive. Fenders are made of many different materials. But plastic and poly truck fenders are most widespreadly used.

Truck Seats

For convenience, a truck seat is very essential for your truck. It gives you a comfortable armrest, while meeting the physical and practical requirements that are essential to operating big trucks.

When embarking on long drives, installing a proper truck seat is a smart move to make as it provides the support, safety and comfort required by long distance drivers into one system that provides all of the desired features.

Also, many truck seats have good coverings that protect the truck seats from wear and stains.

Truck Bumpers

Having a front and rear bumper during a long ride saves you lots of damage by acting as a shield for the front and rear end of your truck. A bumper provides you space to mount accessories on your truck ranging from a winch, roller, hawse fairlead and cables to snatch blocks, straps, and multiple lights.

When riding in the dark and your headlamp or tail light refuses to function optimally, you can put your multiple lights installed on your bumper to good use. Furthermore, in case there will be a need to tow your truck, a rig tied to a bumper will make the towing seamless.

Truck Tyres

Extra tyres are one of the most important accessories to take along for long drives. Ensure you go with the tyres for the right load capacity for your truck. The one that will serve its purpose for all kinds of seasons, weathers and optimized for high speed is essential for every trip. Iowa 80 is a great place to find so many different variations of high quality truck tyres.

You never can tell when you will be having a flat tyre, especially when on the road. As such, it will be clever to go with an extra tire to ease you the stress of staying stranded on the road.

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