Aston Martin DB9: a fine example of automotive craftsmanship

It seems like the Aston Martin DB9 just never gets old. Even after over a decade, it is still the company’s most beautiful car.

This four-seat grand tourer is supremely elegant and charming. It has a custom-built interior and a resonating twelve-cylinder motor. Its impeccable cabin set and timeless lines make this car stand out from the rest of the other exotic coupes. The Austin Martin DB9 was first launched in 2004.   

The car just got recent changes last year with a fresher style, slightly improved interior, and an even stronger motor.

The latest DB9 still has the graceful stance, classic proportions and its trademark exterior. But it has some important new features that make you distinguish it from its predecessors. You will notice that the headlights are somehow swept-back and more angular. Meanwhile the front has a smoother single-intake design.

The car still has the iconic Aston martin GT profile, but it looks more aerodynamic when you look at it from the side. It has an integrated spoiler that actually makes the car more aerodynamic. 

As you pop the hood, you will behold the 5.9-liter V12 engine. It can deliver up to 510 horsepower with 457 lb-ft worth of torque. In just four seconds the car can make it from zero to 60 mph.

The engine reaches a six-speed automatic transmission as it shifts smoothly but slowly compared to the DB9’s competitors that use the dual clutch boxes. The new Aston martin does not have the manual transmission option though.

DB9 still uses the lightweight “vertical/horizontal” design that makes it flexible. It is made out of aluminium. Meanwhile its suspension was optimized for better handling complemented by an active damping system that provides a Sport or Comfort mode to fit your preferences.

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