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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016

Due to the high cost of cars and the ready market for stolen cars there is always a risk of their theft. Much has been done in the development of car security systems and this is now yielding results as the number of car thefts have been decreasing gradually in recent years.

We take a look at some of the amazing high-tech security systems available in the market today.

OnStar is a safety device that features turn-by-turn navigation, remote ignition blocking and stolen vehicle tracking.

OnStar operate over a digital cellular network in the U.S. and the service is available to customers 24 hours a day by just a push of a button in the car.

It provides a pre-paid package of minutes, hands-free calling and an option of calling directly to an OnStar Advisor in case of emergency.

It also has sensors built into the airbags tat can automatically alert an operator in cases of emergency such as car crash. The sensors will indicate the location and the condition of the vehicle.

LoJack uses radio to track and recover stolen cars. It comprises of tiny transceivers hidden in the car and can transmit to an outside device tuned to the proper frequency. Most tracking devices work on this same principal.

LoJack is better than most tracking devices because it can track cars even in places where GPS fails.

LoJack has close ties with law enforcement organizations and therefore its homing devices show up in police computer systems. Its units are tied to a vehicle’s identification number so when the vehicle is stolen this number is entered into police computer. This will trigger the LoJack device in the stolen vehicle and help n its recovery. LoJack guarantees recovery within 24 hours. If it can not be found within that time, you will get your money back.

BMW Assist and X5 Security Plus
BMW Assist offers communication with BMW response specialists, automatic collision detection and remote door unlocking.

BMW Assist also works with the police to help you track your car and it uses both cellular system of communication and GPS. It is free for in some 2007 and later vehicles for the first four years after which you will be charged $199 per year.

X5 Security Plus offers Class 6 bulletproof glass and body. It has armour plating that can stop bullets from an AK47 riffle and also offers front and rear cameras and sirens that makes it more secure than the average cars.

CarShield fits older cars with a diagnostic and security system that is similar to OnStar and BMW Assist but with a small adapter.

It uses cellular technology to access the vehicle’s computer system and transmit the data to an internet connected device or to a phone.

CarShield can detect problems like tampering with the CarShield unit and oil pressure. It can also monitor the heat level and the battery level.

Its tracks vehicles via its integrated GPS system and is able to send emails or SMSs about the vehicle status.

CarShield is sold at $349 and there is an annual fee of $159 to take care of roadside and wireless service.

Other car security systems that might interest you include Commando FM-870, Commando FM-870, Cobra 8510, Cobra’s ConraTrak 5 and VINshield.

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