BMW Vision Next 100: The Ultimate Driving Machine

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

Technology is dynamic with a specific aim of making work easier. Automating things is the idea that changing technology uses to achieve its aim. We are fast moving from a state of doing things manually to automated activities. Driving is something that was thought to be close to impossible to automate but BMW is ready to prove the belief wrong. In the next century we expect to own cars that can drive themselves according to the direction that BMW is taking. Vision Next concept used by BMW maker gives an overview of the driving machine that is expected in 2116.

Dual Mode

Just like the phone has different modes, Vision Next 100 concept offers two modes in the car; boost and ease ones. In boost mode, the driver is in complete control of the car control. This mode allows the normal manual control of the car. Upon switching to boost mode, the steering appears, the seats adjust to a position comfortable for manual driving and the necessary car information is displayed on the heads-up display. In this era of touch screen technology, most people expect the car to possess a touch display screen but surprisingly, the technology is not included.

Ease Mode

Switching to ease mode unwraps what the boost modes does. The steering wheel gets back into the dash, merging between the door panel and the seats occur to promote relaxation and console is tilted away from the driver. The vital information about the car and the road are maintained on the screen display. However, the car users can use the same screen to surf, watch movies and get knowledge about the points of interest that the car is approaching.

Outsiders and Pedestrians

Outsiders and Pedestrians
The major question that you might be asking yourself is, “can pedestrians and other road users know the mode of the car while outside?” A sculpture with gemstone shape lights up when the vehicle is at ease modes and additionally, the headlights and tail lamp vary colors depending on the car mode. This is what is basically used as a mode of communications to relay information to the external road users.

Additional Features

Alive geometry is another interesting feature that dream BMW possess. It is characterized by about 800 moving triangles on the instrument and body panel. It is also a communication feature; the triangles’ color changes to warn the driver on the cars and obstacles ahead and to specify the fastest driving line during boost mode. In ease mode, the triangles are used to warn the passengers of the expected sharp turns and abrupt stop of the car.

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Proactive connectivity is also a concept expected in the upcoming BMW. It uses the communication between car information and the past data about the traffic patterns to establish what is ahead about 2 minutes in front of your car. The obtained information is run into an algorithm to obtain the necessary knowledge for the driver to proceed safely. This feature can predict for you the speed you need to use to make it through the next traffic light.

Intelligent route planning system analyzes the speed, traffic patterns and fuel level at your start point. This will ensure that you get to your destination in time. This feature is tied to your computer or smart phone so that it can give you notifications on the time that you should leave depending on the expected traffic. This system can also suggest where you should park the vehicle.

BMW is also working on improving the lighting system to laser headlights that shine brighter and throw farther. These lighting spots will have sensor system that will enable it identify pedestrians and any hazard ahead. This feature is very essential at night to avoid bumping into hazards unknowingly or any unnecessary accidents. This is like the vision property for the car especially now that self-driving is among the car features.

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With technology, it will reach a point where you just set the destination of your vehicle and do other activities as your car act as its own driver. All the technical details about expected BMW have not yet been published but according to Cypselus von Frankenberg, BMW company spokesperson, the concept is emissions-free. There is nothing impossible; therefore, BMW’s concept is a dream come true.

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