Brand New Cars For Sale under 10k

If you still can’t afford luxury cars, but you really need transport for your budding business or career, might as well pick one from this pool of newly released cars, which are all just under £10,000.

1. Dacia Sandero (£5,995). This is easily the cheapest new car you can buy. You might not get enough equipment out of it, but it drives very well and it has bigger interior space compared to some of its competitors.


2. Renuault Twizy (£6,895). This electric car follows Sandero for the cheapest car in the UK. You need to invest on battery and waterproof equipment for this though.


3. Dacia Logan MCV (£6,995). This car has no-frills on its equipment, but has a lot to give when it comes to space.


4. Perodua Myvi (£6,999). This is the remodelled version of the Daihastsu Sirion. Its price is attractive, but other newer competitors can provide better build quality, performance and accommodation compared to this car.


5. Suzuki Alto (£7,199). This car may not be as good as the other brands in this class, such as the Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo, and VW Up, but for a cheap price, this car provides an impressive good, fun drive experience.


6. Proton Savvy (£7,995). This car is not as good as its rivals in almost all aspects, but it is very affordable and it can bring you up to 75bhp with its 1.2-litre engine.


7. Kia Picanto (£8,045). This little car is big in style, plus it gives you a seven-year warranty. Hyundai i10 is better than this car, but the Picanto has a very attractive price.


8. Seat Mii (£8,060). This car is related to the VW Up, but it is more affordable.


9. Skoda Citigo (£8,210). This is easily one of the best little cars you can buy out there.


10. Citreon C1/Peugeot 108 (£8,245). Both of these city cars are not identical at all. They are very fun to drive and they are both very cheap.


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